April 23rd 2018 was the World Intellectual Property Day and and SIAE’s 136th birthday.

SIAE decided to celebrate the World Book and Copyright day and its own birthday by sending a colourful message to the sky.

We chose balloons, – states SIAE’s President, Filippo Sugar – because they fly like emotions. In their simplicity, flying balloons symbolize creativity and lightheartedness, but a pin is enough to pop them; as the metaphor of fragility, they remind us of how fragile the work of authors is when copyright is exposed to attacks that underestimate the value of creativity.

Joining the event were Oscar-winning composers Ennio Morricone and Nicola Piovani, authors that have made the history of Italian music such as Mogol, and many of our best-loved artists of all music genres, among them Luca Barbarossa, Dori Ghezzi, Paolo Fresu, Paolo Damiani, Mario Lavezzi, Riccardo Sinigallia, Franco Mussida, Piero Cassano, representing the over eighty-three thousand associates of SIAE that contribute with their everyday’s work to Italian contemporary cultural life.

Along with these artists were SIAE’s President Filippo Sugar, Director-General Gaetano Blandini and the President of the Supervisory Board Franco Micalizzi, all together to celebrate both the World’s Book and Copyright day and SIAE’s birthday – founded in Milan on April 23rd 1882. More generations of artists gathered to remind that copyright is the fuel of creativity.

Masterpieces from the repertoires of SIAE members were played by the pupils of the Jazz School of the Music Conservatory in Rome.

The official photographer of the event this morning is Massimo Sestini, the winner of World Press Photo 2015.

All images and video are downloadable to this link:


Rome, April 24th 2018