The Portuguese Author Day 2018 will be celebrated on May 22nd, which also marks the 93rd anniversary of the Portuguese Society of Authors (SPA). The event will be chaired by the President of the Assembly of the Republic, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, also a member of the Portuguese Society of Authors and the son of a contributor who has been distinguished with the institution’s Medal of Honor.

Will be awarded with the SPA Medal of Honor: the historian and politician Fernando Rosas, Artur Anselmo, university professor and president of the Academy of Sciences, journalist and writer Maria Antonia Palla, the Champalimaud Foundation, the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra, the Aljube Museum, Carlos Tê, Tino Costa, the Association of Disabled Armed Forces and the António Sérgio Cooperative for Social Economy (CASES).

The Day of the Author will end with a performance by Fernando Tordo, who is celebrating his 50th year career and will receive a tribute from the Portuguese Society of Authors for this event.

The President of the SPA will give a presentation on the life of the Society and its importance at national and international level, illustrated by its recent election to the Vice-Presidency of the European Group of Authors and Composers Societies, based in Brussels.

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