From November 1st 2017, Armonia Online becomes a Full Member of DDEX, the Digital Data EXchange consortium focused on the creation of digital supply chain standards in the music industry.

Joining the DDEX consortium will allow the 9 Collective Management Organizations within Armonia (AKM, Artisjus, SABAM, SACEM, SACEM Luxembourg, SIAE, SGAE, SPA and SUISA) to unite their voices and raise their concerns collectively when it comes to automated exchange of information among the different stakeholders and the implementation of new formats standards. DDEX aims at ensuring the standardisation of digital sales reports accross the industry and among the Digital Service Providers which is essential to allow fast, accurate and efficient identification and distribution of authors’ rights.

Nicolas Roebben, Head of Strategy at SABAM, the Belgium collective society, will be the representative of Armonia within the DDEX organization. SACEM, SGAE and SUISA are also members of DDEX, as well as Armonia’s technical provider BMAT.

Armonia Online is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose it to engage in activities related to the multiterritorial licensing and management of online service providers. Armonia’s mission is to ensure a fair and transparent compensation for authors in the music industry thanks to extensive licensing expertise and innovative technology.